Harrogate International Nursery Fair Harrogate International Nursery Fair Harrogate International Nursery Fair Harrogate International Nursery Fair Harrogate International Nursery Fair Harrogate International Nursery Fair Harrogate International Nursery Fair Harrogate International Nursery Fair Harrogate International Nursery Fair
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2024 Exhibiting Information

Lifting and Storage

Crusade Event Traffic Services has been appointed the official lifting contractor for Harrogate Nursery Fair 2024 and as such is the only company operating fork trucks at the show. Below you will find information on the services on offer and guidance to make sure your build up and break down operations run smoothly.

Lifting & Handling

Exhibitors requiring this service must complete the ORDER FORM J, which details the services available. Crusade Event Traffic Services will be pleased to provide you with a full quotation and offer any advice needed. Charges are inclusive of unloading from your vehicle and transfer to your stand or aisle adjacent to your stand. Any subsequent lifting such as re-positioning is classed as a re-lift and charged at same rate. When ordering, it is essential that you state the weight/size of the item. Charges are based on either the total tonnage or volumetric weight.

Storage of Empty Packing Cases

Crusade Event Traffic Services Ltd can arrange the storage of your empty packing cases returning them to you promptly after the show. Contact Crusade Event Services with details of the items wanting to be stored and we will make all the necessary arrangements. There are no storage facilities at the venue. Exhibitors may not use void areas between stands, as they are a fire hazard and not permitted. It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to arrange the removal of all packing materials, i.e. Crates, pallets etc from the halls. Any discarded materials will be removed and destroyed at the expense of the exhibitor.

General delivery information

Please ensure that all delivery drivers are given the Hall and stand number to locate the stand so they can be directed to the best unload location.

Ensure that someone is waiting to receive your freight, as the organisers will not receive goods on behalf of an exhibitor.

Any queries relating to deliveries, please contact Crusade Event Traffic Services Ltd. Please complete ORDER FORM J and return promptly to Crusade Event Traffic Services.

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